This is the most adorable, heart-warming piece of technology we've seen in a long time.


You probably feel quite attached to your mobile phone, it's something you almost can't imagine your day without. But it's just a cold, mindless piece of machinery that's fun to run your apps on. Now what if you combined your smartphone with a cute assistant, that could walk and talk?

RoBoHon was 'humanized' by Japanese technology that is Sharp. It looks like Lego upgraded their figurines, it's approximately 20 cm tall, weighing about 390 g. It does everything your ordinary phone would do - it receives and makes (also hands-free) calls, sends dictated text messages and emails, takes pictures... But it also walks, talks, dances, while playing music and sits!

For the most part, RoBoHon is voice-controlled, since it can recognize your face and your voice. It can snap selfies, portrait and group photos, even though, the camera isn't all that great. It only comes equipped with a tiny 2-inch screen, displaying content in 320 x 240 pixel resolution, so you may want to stick to your high resolution gadgets instead. Just bare in mind - they won't talk to you, RoBoHon will.

With its head-mounted tiny projector it's able to project pictures (videos as well) and if your eyes tear up from looking at them, it tells you that it's all good and that he likes you. Sometimes, that's more than real people would do.

There is no word on the pricing yet, but we are buying our next best, incredibly sweet robo-friend!

Oct. 8, 2015 Living photo: Sharp

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