Do you think Inspector Gadget's jacket was cool? The Baubax travel jacket is even cooler and it comes with 15 built-in features.

Do you also get that 'meh' feeling when you (yet again) run out of pockets in your jacket? That is something that will never happen if you start wearing the Baubax jacket. It hosts no less than 9 pockets for glasses, a mobile phone and a tablet, a passport, headphones, a canned drink, a portabel charger and even a Baubax blanket.

Besides 'standard' pockets the 119 USD worth Baubax jacket comes equipped with built-in (sewed-in?) gloves, a pillow that inflates in mere 2 seconds and deflates with one single press, which is very practical for traveling, so your neck doesn't hurt when you fall asleep and your head lifelessly bounces from left to right; an eye mask, so sunlight doesn't play naughty tricks on your eyes, when you wish to rest, and a zipper that hides an extendable pen and stylus for your touch screen.

The Baubax jacket with a detachable hood combines 15 various features - if you were to pimp your jacket with all these accessories and gadgets yourself, it would cost you 315 USD. It's made of supereme quality materials and comes in 4 different styles: a wrinkle-free blazer (for the business traveler), a fleece-lined bomber, water-a repellent windbreaker, and a cotton sweatshirt, you can wear to your local gym.

They tried to reach a funding goal of 20,000 USD on Kickstarter, but they surpassed it in within a few hours. Until July 10 (with 55 days left to go) they attracted over 1,200 backers who pledged over 180,000 USD.

One more thing: the first batch of the possibly best travel jackets ever will be ready to ship in November

July 11, 2015 Living photo: Baubax

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