A bladeless, more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to produce energy.


Vortex Bladeless, a Spain-based company, produces turbines that - unlike traditional wind turbines - have no blades, but are just (or even more, according to Vortex) efficient at generating electricity. Instead of blades (that many see as highly hazardous to birds), the new model of a wind turbine uses long, cylinder-shaped 'tubes' or 'poles' that jiggle in the wind and use the whirling masses of air to create electricity.

Bladeless turbines take up less space that traditional turbines with a propeller. They also drastically reduce manufacturing costs (by 53 per cent), maintenance costs (by 80 per cent) and operating costs (by 51 per cent), claiming no replacement or spare parts are required. From an environmental point of view, they help reduce carbon footprint (by 40 per cent) and they make no noise.

They are supposedly easy to implement and use, as they require no energy input, no special training or know-how to set the up and operate them. 

The company so far presented to variants, a larger Vortex Gran (producing over 1 MV) for mass power generation, big clients, renewable energy investors and electricity companies, and the smaller Vortex mini (producing 4 kW), intended for domestic or industrial generation of electricity.

In the presentation video made by the company, David Yáñez, co-founder of Vortex Bladeless, stated: "What happens is that the structure attracts whirlwinds, which develop at determined frequencies depending on the speed of which the wind is traveling. ... When the frequency of the whirlwinds or vortex coincides with the frequency of the structure, it's then that energy is absorbed reaching a peak due to aeroelastic coupling."

The company is raising funds via Indiegogo to raise awareness of the technology, gain public support and show that the world is ready to go "green" fast.

May 27, 2016 Living photo: Vortex Bladeless/YouTube Screengrab

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