Unlike standard make-up mirrors, Juno comes with adjustable 'true light' settings, so your true colours always shine through.

It is preloaded with three light settings for use in natural sunlight (daylight setting), office light (indoors setting), and evening light, so you can always depend on the mirror to help you look your best.

When you pair your iPhone or Android phone with the smart mirror, the light around the JUNO Mirror will automatically optimize. Juno app will also help you choose a specific hue and light warmth by using the on-app mirror to adjust for the mirror's specific light warmth. You can save your favorite light settings, so they're always available at the tip of your finger, whenever you need them.

On top of that, Juno is actually a 4-in-1 buddy, very cleverly designed: it can turn into a reading lamp or a ring lamp with a simple flick of a wrist, or even a handy storage tray. With the help of the Juno app, you can also set how bright you want your reading light to be directly on-screen, while removable magnification mirrors help you boost magnification to up to five times.

Juno is available for pre-order over at Kickstarter - early birds can get one for $49, but it will retail later at $79.

Dec. 13, 2016 Living photo: Juno Co

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