Japanese artist Isana Yamada' s project is composed of six translucent whales mounted on thin pedestals that give each of the sculptures an illusion of movement.


He created an incredible series of translucent whale sculptures that depict various scenes of ocean life within their bodies and called them Samasara. This is the Buddhist concept, which teaches that human beings have the ultimate control over themselves, a Sanskrit for the cycle of death and rebirth.

This master project references the circle of existence found in Buddhist traditions with each whale displaying a separate scene. The whale that represents the human dimension contains a sunken sailboat, symbolizing the difficult voyage that is life in the human realmimagery.

Yamada's translucent whale series was developed as a post-graduate project at the Tokyo University of the Arts and will be shown in an exhibition from March 1st through 6th.

Feb. 23, 2016 Living photo: Isana Yamada

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