S tehnologijo SmartBar naj bi bil delovni proces občutno hitrejši.

Just thinking about how many different "assistants" are available for smartphone keyboards, it is hard to understand why traditional, desktop keyboard seems to have been so neglected.


Thankfully, some manufacturers are well aware of this. Synaptics, a company well established as a manufacturer of touch pads for laptops, announced the new SmartBar technology.

The conversion consists of a keyboard space bar removal and installation of a touch pad, which, just as on laptops, reacts to tapping and swiping. Sliding a thumb can mark text, engage the zoom function, while additional five "smart buttons" can be programmed for macros in text editing or, for instance, creating units within a computer game.

Shipping date of the SmartBar technology keyboard for office or gaming has not been set so far. If the new keyboard technology really succeeds in speeding up tasks on a computer, it will be definitely worth waiting for.


June 10, 2015 Living photo: Synaptics

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