EcoMill is motor-free and it charges, while you run.


Thinking of buying a treadmill? We have a green solution for you. Have you heard of EcoMill yet? It is a completely self-powered treadmill with curved running surface. At Woodways they say this manual treadmill has been proven to burn up to 30% more calories than motorized treadmills, engaging more muscles for an overall superior workout. One of its features is also onboard generator system that produces power for the display and can even be used to charge a phone or iPod with the USB charging station.

By the way, while running each mph of speed is equivalent to an average of 16 watt hours. So a user working out at 5 mph would produce 80 watt hours! And EcoMill is fully compatible with ReRev systems, which converts the users kinetic motion into a productive renewable energy that can be fed back into the buildings electrical system. Pretty awsome, right?

Treadmill's running surface is made up of vulcanized rubber and it is suppose to be able to withstand running for more than 150,000 miles. "Roughly ten times longer than the belt of an average treadmill," they say at Woodway.

Sept. 27, 2015 Living photo: Woodway

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