Renault partnered up with the Dutch Utrecht City Council, ElaadNL and LomboXnet to work on a Smart Solar Charging project for electric vehicles.

Utrecht is likely to become the testing ground for the solar smart-charge project that sees electric cars charged with electricity coming exclusively from solar cells. Renault will supply a fleet of 150 Renault ZOE models through 2017, while ElaadNL will handle management of infrastructures and the smart-charge standard. LomboXnet will take charge of installing the network of unique public charging terminals powered by a 44 kW grid connection.

During phase one of the project, 1,000 smart solar-charge stations will be installed and powered by 10,000 photovoltaic panels in the Utrecht region. While setting up the infrastructure, a development of a car-share service of electric cars is expected as well. These would be powered by renewable energy and available to all Utrecht residents. According to Renault, Renault ZOE with R.Access connectivity and 22 kW charging is the ideal vehicle for car-share and smart charging applications.

During phase two, the partners will develop a vehicle-to-grid ecosystem. The network of solar chargers will take care of charging the batteries of electric cars as well as feed energy stored in the batteries of parked cars onto the grid , when the demand for electricity is at its peak.

April 8, 2016 Driving photo: Renault

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