NEXT-E consortium and EU signed agreement to build 222 fast and 30 ultra fast charging stations allong main roads in Central and Eastern Europe.

Agreement, which was signed in frame of Digital Transport Day event, which takes place in Tallin, Estonia, will enable building of the charging points network, which will spread over Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania.

NEXT-E will build fast stations, which will alow charging with 50 kW current, and ultra fast stations, which will enable electric cars to be charged with 150-350 kW electrucal current, alllong the network. It will also establish central corridors which will enable electric cars to be charged on the road thorugh mentioned countries.

Construction of fast charging stations will start next year and the ultra fast charging stations will be built in 2019, in order to complete network by the end of 2020.

Nov. 9, 2017 Driving photo: Next-E

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