Something is awesome in the state of Denmark, as Hamlet would put it, had he been here right now to witness the latest developments in modern Danish mobility.


For a while now, the German company BMW has been supporting the DriveNow car sharing scheme, aimed at reducing their environmental footprint and thus improving the quality of life in the vehicle-stuffed, heavily polluted major cities. With its vehicles, BMW is already present in Germany, the UK and the US, making quite a good penny. Now it has added 400 BMW i3s to the DriveNow fully electric fleet in Denmark, successfully integrating the car sharing concept with public transportation system.

We could say the project is taking a step further in Denmark. After all, buses cannot take you everywhere you like and certainly not in a preferred timely manner. DriveNow will now make it possible for passengers to step off a bus, sit in a lovely (it really is lovely, is it not) eco-über-friendly car-for-everybody and drive off to reach their final destination. BMW i3 meets the requirements of the project perfectly, since it offers not only a zero emission electric ride but it's also the first car to offer the so-called intermodal routing, incorporating public transportation services into the route guidance of the car's navigation system.

According to BMW, the car sharing project using electric vehicles is "an important step in opening up convenient initial access to electric mobility to the public at large." We agree. Bring DriveNow to every capital! And bring those adorable i3s as well. 

Aug. 26, 2015 Driving photo: BMW

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