Italian manufacturer is preparing hybrid and fully electric versions of one of world's best known scooter.

It looks like that if you wait long enough, all the things you wish will eventually come true. This at least looks it could be said for Italian motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio, who at recent Italian motor show finally confirmed the arrival of first ever electric version of their legendary scooter called Vespa. And it should be here faster, than one might think. First examples are scheduled to arrive no later than in late spring or early summer – perfect time for buying and driving a scooter.

Electric Vespa will be mostly limited to usage in cities and its outskirts, as the battery capacity will only gave it 100 kilometers of reach. That is of course in Eco mode, which limits Vespa's top speed to only 30 kilometers per hour. Using it in normal mode will thus make it only thirstier, especially if one is about to test electro motor's performances. With a power output of 2 to 4 kW and torque of 200 Nm it should provide quite a lot of punch.

Connectivity with smart phones included

However, if you think, Piaggio is only making an electric version of the famous two-wheeler, you are wrong. Second novelty, that will come in time with electric version is a much more usable hybrid version. With a combine reach of up to 200 kilometers it will provide bigger range on a single charge. The system will work like this: electro motor will provide power for first 50 kilometers, using existing power, stored in the battery. After this is emptied, petrol engine will kick in to provide additional electric power for another 150 kilometers.

Vespa Electtrica will however differ from regular Vespas with many other details. For instance, it is equipped with USB cable for charging phone, which is located next to battery charging cable under the seat. There is also 4,3" TFT screen on the dashboard, that can be connected with smart phone and provide many of its functions like GPS/Navigation system, music player or even text messaging and phone calls.

Prices are yet to be announced, with the first customers being able to order their very own Vespa Ellectra in March

Jure Šujica
Foto: Piaggio

Dec. 28, 2017 Driving photo: Piaggio

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