Nissan, the manufacturer of the world's currently best-selling electric vehicle and Ecotricity, the world's first green energy company based in the UK that also dubs as the operator of Europe's biggest and most comprehensive rapid charging network, the Electric Highway, called for for official EV charging point road signage, directing drivers of EV cars towards their closest charging stations.

Great Britain, which is already deeply involved in raising awareness of e-mobility across the the UK, boasts with over 9,000 electric charging points for the drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to use during their travels. Yet, up until now, no one has came up with the idea of arranging proper, official road signage for the UK's growing number of standard and rapid EV charging points.

Nissan and Ecotricity claim the new UK government should take the initiative and raise awareness of the UK's environmentally friendly EV infrastructure. The government should take it upon itself to introduce universal symbols that can be used to designate the different types of EV charging points, both standard and rapid chargers. Nissan and Ecotricity wish to also address the key influencers in the motoring and sustainability sector to share their views on the UK's electric vehicle charging network in order to encourage the authorities to take action.

"It's time to introduce charging point road signs in Britain – they'll provide necessary direction for the thousands of electric car drivers in Britain as well as increasing public awareness that the infrastructure is ready for them to make the move to an electric car. The growth so far in 2015 has been phenomenal – over a million miles driven on the network every month. The argument for road signs could not be stronger," said Ecotricity founder Dale Vince.

Oct. 23, 2015 Driving photo: Newspress

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