A world record: 11 international Teams with 100% electric vehicles successfully crossed the finish line in Barcelona to complete the 80-day circumnavigation challenge in a bid to spread awarness on electric mobility!


On September 4th at 13:00 pm, eleven 100% EVs lined up at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona to cross the finish line, the same place from where they embarked on their circumnavigation journey on 16th of June, setting up a new world record. They have successfully completed the circumnavigationtrip, and drove a total of 289.662 km together across Europe, North America, and Asia with 100% electric vehicles within 80 days, including the time for cross-continental transportation.

Eleven international teams (including Team Spain,Team Austria,Team China,Team Czech Republic,Team Germany I,Team Germany III, Team Hungary,Team Italia,Team Switzerland I,Team Switzerland II, and Team United States) took on a task to show the world that EV technology is no boogeyman to be feared of or be sceptical about - they have proven that traveling by car in purely electric mode is and should be every eco-conscious driver's first choice.

Traveling with eight Tesla Model S, one Tesla Roadster, one DENZA and an innovative electric bus Modulo the teams have shown not only that electric vehicle technology works perfectly in environment, on any terrain, and in every condition in any part of the world, but also reminded the world of how far EV technology has actually evolved from its initial and concept phases. Raising awareness of electric mobility, communicating the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation, the teams reportedly saved 30 tons of carbon dioxide emissions by driving zero-emission vehicles.

To help grow and globally promote the EV charging infrastructure, 48 sockets were installed on the route by 80edays ambassadors, covering more than 12.000 km of charging opportunities deficiency. In Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and Bryansk (Russia) two high power charge stations provided by Circutor were installed, filling the gap of missing EV charging stations from Moscow to Kiev and from Astana to Almaty.

Furthermore, there are now 220 charge points and 75 hotels with charging infrastructure registered across Europe, North America, and Asia, as they were entered into the official 80edays charge point data base (at electromaps.com) during the 80-day EV rally. Over 2,000 new users already registered to access the data.

Check out the official 80edays Facebook page or 80edays YouTube channel for more news and new videos!

Sept. 12, 2016 Driving photo: 80edays

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