First flying octacopters are going to be a part of a new racing series.


Have you ever seen any Star Wars movie? Maybe even The Phantom Menace? If you did you cannot forget those epic pod racers where Anakin Skywalker won the race and his freedom. Well, such (or similar) races seemed a science fiction not too long ago, yet will soon become a reality, thanks to Equals and Airspeeder, who will provide the necessary funds. And we are not talking about a distant plan. Instead, first racecars, or better, flying objects are to be revealed quite soon.

In fact, first Airspeeders, flying mixture of Formula 1 and Formula E cars are about to be revealed this weekend at the traditional Goodwood festival of speed, hosted by Duke of Richmond, which starts on Thursday. Spectators will thus be able to see the machines in action, first at the nearby airfield and later when they are going to the famous Goodwood hill climb route. After that, first piloted octocopter in the world is going to be presented to spectators.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of Equals, said: “We’re delighted to have agreed this partnership with Airspeeder who are using cutting-edge technology to deliver a new generation of motorsport. The spirit of ingenuity and engineering behind Airspeeder makes it the perfect fit for Equals, as these are also the drivers behind our new brand identity.”

As expected, octocopters are truly going to be state of the art machines. They are going to be developed by Alauda Racing, an Australian start-up with the long-term ambition to use its technology to develop a world-beating flying sports car and will bring some amazing performances. In fact, a 200 kilometers per hour top speed is expected with power-to-weight ratio superior to an F-18 fighter jet. Oh, did we mention, that Airspeeder World Championship is about to take of next year?

July 1, 2019 Driving photo: Airspeed

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