Remember the Kreisel electric G-Class off roader that the Austrian startup presented together with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, if you want a properly looking EV off roader, just not a G-Class, Bollinger Motors has something for you.

It looks like an old Land Rover Defender, but Bollinger B1 was created from a clean sheet with lightweight aluminum architecture and 360 HP, 640 Nm electric powertrain, which allows it to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 4,5 seconds and achieve top speed of 127 miles per hour (205 km/h).

The powertrain consists of two electric motors, one in front ant one in the back, and lithium-ion batteries with capacity of 60 or 100 kWh, which allow the range of 120 or 200 miles (193 or 322 km) and can be charged in 7,3 (60 kWh) or 12,1 (100 kWh) hours on AC power (home wallbox). Of course, it can be charged from a standard household socket, but that would take 2 days ... DC fast charging takes 45 or 75 minutes respectively.

With the length of 3,810 m, width of 1,934 m, height of 1,867 m and wheelbase of 2,667 m, Bollinger B1 is quite substantial car, but thanks to light chassis, which houses all powertrain components, and electric all-wheel drive, it is still relatively light.

The off-road theme is also accentuated by rough boxy exterior design in gunmetal color and spacious interior in equally spartan style.

Aug. 1, 2017 Driving photo: Bollinger

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