First mileston to arrove with the top-of-the-line 4 Door Coupe hybrid.

Mercedes-Benz has been facing increasing demand for electric and electrified cars lately. There are customers interested among both, private buyers and fleet owners, who are fascinated by rising number of plug-ins. And as it appears, the hybridization could have hit the brand sports section, AMG, very soon and to a greater extent than ever.

AMG is already offering an electrified drive train with AMG code 53, but it's a mild hybrid based on 48-volt technology. The next step is likely to be the introduction of coupling hybrids.

"Over the past 12 to 18 months we've really seen a mindset change and people are becoming much more open toward electric and hybrid cars," Seeger said. "I see a lot of potential for AMG to grow further, both with traditional performance models as well as electrified versions like the upcoming GT 4-Door Coupe hybrid,"said Mercedes sales chief Britta Seeger in an interview for Automotive news Europe

The new hybrid that will hit the road this year is the one Mercedes believes will impress both drivers who want electrification and others who are dedicated to classic drive. It will contain a well-known eight-cylinder of four litres capacity, and with the help of an electric motor, the car will develop approximately 590 kilowatts of power.

Jan. 29, 2020 Driving photo: Daimler AG

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