Lawrence Stroll's involvement in the company is completely changing its plans for the future.

A while ago Aston Martin has decided to revive a legendary household name Lagonda. However instead of, let's say, making big and petrol-hungry limousines, company has been decided to be making fully electric cars. This means that at least for a while, plans for both companies would not interfere. However, things might now take different path.

While it was expected for Lagonda to air sometimes next year, plans have now changed and all thanks to Lawrence Stroll, wealthy business man, and father of Formula 1 driver, Lance Stroll. Older of two Strolls has recently became a new co-owner of Aston Martin, when he bought a total of 20 percent of stocks and has also made a few crucial changes among stuff and with plans for the future.

If at first, Lagonda has been announced to hit the market in 2022, deadline has now moved for at least three years. Rapide E's production has been postponed for the same period of time. Everything is not bad news thou, when it comes to production of electrified cars. This means that Aston Martin Valhalla and Valkyrie, both using hybrid drivetrain, are to get on the market on time. After all, Lawrence Stroll has always been keen on racing and everything connected with sport cars.

Feb. 4, 2020 Driving photo: Aston Martin

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