Volkswagen, which has been making grand plans regarding the alternative future of its vehicles, definitely did not want to miss out on this year's CES. It came to Las Vegas with the slogan "We are always on", bringing with it new ideas about the use of automobiles and driver's environment. 


Volkswagen based its slogan on the fact that the once traditional relationship between the car and its user is now changing, especially with a growing new mobile community that aims at being intelligently connected and sustainably transported. Car-sharing is also an important part of that. On a digital platform – the Volkswagen Ecosystem – visitors of CES can experience live, for themselves, how to configure personal settings and services easily with their own Volkswagen User-ID, and enjoy the drive no matter whose car they are using – their own, their friend's or one rented from the car-sharing system.

According to Volkswagen, there is no infotainment experience without intuitive controls, so the company is continually developing the communication pathways between human and car with "Interactive Experience" representing "a logical extension of operating concepts" as already seen in the Golf R Touch and BUDD-e. Making its debut is the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit (3D) with two overlaid screens producing a great depth effect and image quality. Interface also enables eyetracking that combined with touch and gesture control offers very fast communication between the vehicle and the driver. The system projects virtual information graphics on a large projection screen that seamlessly blends with the driver's perception of his surroundings, making the drive less difficult in terms of distractions.

At CES, visitors can also see the I.D. concept car from Paris - I.D. direction is soon getting its continuation in the form of the electric minubus concept, the Volkswagen Microbus Bulli., which will be revealed at the Auto Show in Detroit, meaning we really won't have to wait for it very long.

Jan. 6, 2017 Driving photo: VW

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