Spacious interior is going to provide a sace for hanging out on the go.

At the beginning of the previous week, Audi has announced the arrival of more or less unannounced and unexpected new car, a concept called AI:Me. Mentioned car should be revealed in a few days, on 16th of May, at the opening of Shanghai car show, when Audi is also going to held a press conference. Mentioned concept is going to be “a vision of automatized compact car for cities of the future”, which will enable an autonomous drive and the same time allow driver to take over the control of the car whenever feeling to.

Yesterday however, Audi has revealed some new pictures of the car, this time showing the actual vehicle. Thanks to it, we can now see the front end of the car, including a recognizable front grill, we are used from Audi’s cars of today. More attention has on the other hand been drawn by concept’s headlights. They are also the most innovative part of the whole interior.

Audi engineers have also revealed some interesting data, regarding the car. Even looking at the picture above, a spacious interior, filled with wood and fabric has a purpose. Since the car is going to be equipped with technology for autonomous driving, AI:Me’s makers have tried to make it as spacious as possible to make it as comfortable like a living room on four wheels.

April 12, 2019 Driving photo: Audi

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