Never before has a car manufacturer presented a fully electric car durring Super Bowl commercial break.

Super Bowl, the pinnacle of every season of NFL or American football is also one of the most important sport and TV events in the USA. In fact, among the 10 most viewed events in the history of American broadcasts, nine were Super Bowls, while the 10th was final episode of M.A.S.H. This is something worth mentioning and also something, advertisers – and organizers – tend to notice. 5,25 million dollars (4,87 euros) was this year’s price for 30 seconds long advert, so whoever was advertising something, it was a product, worth talking about.

Among car manufacturers, who appeared on this year’s Super Bowl advertisers list was also Audi, who actually wrote a history. By making an advert with their E-tron GT concept car, they have become the first car manufacturer to present a fully electric car in a Super Bowl advert. You can check it bellow.

Mentioned advert is also some kind of first glimpse of Audi’s electric future, that began to take the shape last year with presentation of E-tron, their first fully electric SUV. However – according to Audi’s commercial, there is much more to come in around six years or by the year 2025. What are they planning? That is still a secret.

Feb. 4, 2019 Driving photo: Audi

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