Audi is promissing, that it is going to be in the core of future electric mobility.

Only two days are left until the big reveal, we have been waiting for a while now and that has actually been postponed once, the reveal of Audi’s much anticipated electric SUV, the e-tron. Production of the first cars has already been started, with red being the color of choice for the very first cars. Now, of course, many more have been made (how many is understandably a secret), but at least one has been made in blue.

Why blue? Well, even though, there is still some waiting before us, Audi, has been kind enough to post a 60 second commercial in which e-tron is being revealed – well, not entirely, but good portion of it. Commercial itself tells a story of how electricity is going to change the concept of mobility, and how Audi e-tron is going to be the core of all that.

The date of reveal has not been chosen randomly though. On 17th of September, one of the major social event is going to happen in San Francisco, 70th Emmy Awards, show, which has been a part of for the last eight years.

Sept. 15, 2018 Driving photo: Audi

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