Germans are planning to present the first concepts later this year.

Audi has recently presented several concepts (more or less of a serial nature) equipped with electric power on various occasions. Most of these followed the presentation of the first electric concept that they managed to put in production, the e-tron model. It is interesting on the other hand, the fact that this car was quite similar to another Audi concept of that time, the h-tron

The main difference between the two cars is the drive-by. While the e-tron is powered by electricity, h-tron was designed as a fuel cell or hydrogen-powered car. While H-tron was presented in 2016, it did not end up with serial production. But the Audi seems to have not yet given up on the idea of fuel cells. On the contrary, it seems that the Germans are in preparation for finally reviving it and getting it into production.

Audi is thus reported to become the driving force behind the development of fuel cell technology for the entire Volkswagen Group. Audi’s President, Bram Schot, who said that hydrogen technology would become one of the priorities of brand development, also confirmed this. Having said that, they will soon become more active in the said area and will be given more money and resources.

Furthermore, the first results of the reanimated project appear to be coming out very soon. Schot announced that the first prototype should be presented this year, while first batch of pilot cars, therefore fully functional prototypes will be offered to interested parties for the purposes of testing in 2021.

As the main reason for bringing back the technology of fuel cells Schot otherwise mentioned problems associated with the production of electric batteries and the supply of raw materials for their production. In his view, fuel cells are therefore even a slightly better solution for the future than battery assemblies, which today appear to be the best option for alternative propulsion.

Inglostadt-based company is, of course, not the only company that has been preparing or increasingly devoting itself to this area lately. For some time now, Hyundai and Toyota has had such a huge justification for this type of technology and a few days ago, the intention to start fuel cell production was announced by the German technological giant Bosch.

May 4, 2019 Driving photo: Audi

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