The last of them is going to be a fully electric off-roader.

No car salon, not even car stand of any major car manufacturer would be complete without at least one prototype vehicle. Some of the biggest names are regularly presenting more of them. Hyundai for instance is on the upcoming IAA in Frankfurt about to present two of them, both electric, while on the other hand Audi is has for the last few major car salons actually presented one for each event. And it is not giving up tradition just yet.

After e-tron GT concept four door electric coupe, Aicon Hatchback and AI:Me, a star of this year’s Geneva salon, Audi has now prepared a new concept called AI:Trail, which on the first glance reminds on the AI:Me, especially with the big side windows for better visibility. However it surely looks more rugged than the latter one and it somehow is, at least if we listen to Audi.

While not much information has been released yet from Audi regarding their latest concept, Germans has revealed, that AI:Trail is their vision of an electrically driven off-roader of the future. Furthermore, it will also be the last of four cars of the ‘AI’ series of concepts that we have been seeing on different car shows. Next to that we may expect more details regarding the latest concept before the opening of the IAA.

Aug. 25, 2019 Driving photo: Audi

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