At the car show in Beijing Audi showed "connected mobility concept", its answer to the needs of young commuters in big city centres with growing traffic, which are very common especially in overpopulated China.


The foundation of the concept, developed by Audi Research & Development in Beijing, was compact SUV Audi Q3, produced in Audi's chinese factory. Developers took its rare bumper and in it they installed a carrier for 1,05 meter longboard from quality materials, such as aluminium and carbon fiber.

Longboard with the battery, which can be charged in the carrier, has a range of 12 kilometers with speeds up to 28 km/h and can be used in three riding modes. In scooter mode the phone is clipped to the unfolded handlebar to display directions and the speed is controled wia the remote control attached to handlebar. In sport mode with the handlebar folded down driver controls its speed via remote control in his hand. Longboard can be also used as a luggage and shoping bags carrier, when connected wirelessly to a smartphone or smart-watch it follows the owner.

It is not all. The infotainment system in the car can with the help of smartphone calendar and on basis of destination, planned arrival time and traffic info calculate the fastest mobility mix. If the longboard option is faster it recommends driver to park at the closest parkspace and then the driver can continue its journey with a longboard to arrive to the final destination as soon as possible.

April 29, 2016 Driving photo: Audi

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