First car that left the production line was finished in Misano Red

We must admit we can hardly wait until 17th of September. In two weeks, we will, after a long wait, finally be able to see for the first time a brand new Audi e-tron SUV, which is in fact going to be Audi’s first fully electric car. It is thus fairly understandable, that Audi is showing the car (in camo wrap nonetheless) on every occasion possible, each time revealing another important feature.

Now, an important milestone has been achieved. Even thought, the car has yet to be revealed publically, Audi has today announced, it has already commenced its production. The car – first example has been finished in Misano Red – is going to be built in Audi’s factory in Brussels, which is a state of the art facility for itself.

“The Audi e-tron is a genuine pioneer. It features innovative technologies such as virtual exterior mirrors and combines traditional Audi qualities in handling and dynamics with technical Vorsprung that goes far beyond the car. Our Brussels plant was comprehensively modernized for the production of the electric car. This is the world's first certified CO2-neutral mass production in the premium segment,” said stated Peter Kössler, Member of the Board of Management for Production and Logistics at AUDI AG.

As mentioned before, once the car arrives on the market it will provide up to 400 kilometers of range, thanks to 95 kWh battery pack with charging capacity of up to 150 kW at quick-charging stations. Consequently, battery can in this case be charged within half an hour. And if you are still interested in buying one, e-tron is going to cost at least 80.000 euros, once it arrives on the market later this year.

Sept. 3, 2018 Driving photo: Audi

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