During the racecar steered of the road few times and needed a bit of assistance from the driver.

This year’s 25th edition of Goodwood Festival of speed also brought a historic moment, as the visitors are going to – like we have already reported – be able to see a first ever attempt of an electric car driving up the famous hill-climb race. First attempt already took place yesterday and we can safely say it was… interesting.

Vintage Ford Mustang from year 1965 did not take the race without any passenger onboard. Instead, there were four persons on board, one supervising the behavior of the car of the car. And he actually, as we can see on the video, had a bit of work to, as the car was driving from left to right side of the road, few times nearly hitting the haystacks.

Eventually, the car did managed to cross the finish line. The team needed little less than 5 minutes to finish 1,86 kilometer long race. Nevertheless, first attempt was actually successful since most of the time the car did drive by itself. Development team, consisting of Siemens engineers and students and professors from Cranfield University is thus planning to do more runs, every day until the end of the festival, hoping to improve the time and functionality of the car.

July 13, 2018 Driving photo: Siemens

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