The legendary '61 Bulli van that's been laying deserted in a river bed for the past 30 years deserves to get back on the road. So, it set on a mission - if you help restore it to its former glory, it will quench your thirst with beer!


Last summer, the abandoned van was found in the river bed of Rižana in Slovenia, rescued and driven away to get a second chance at octane-powered life. The man behind the Bulli revival idea, Matej Špehar, set on a special mission, determined to raise enough funds to transform that old rusty VW T1 (commonly referred to as "the hippie van") into a sleek-looking ''pub on wheels'' with beer taps on the side.

Inspired by similar 'pubs on wheels' that originate from Brazil, however in this case specifically by a model from Australia, the so-called Beer Bulli is to become your best friend, if you plan on holding any special event, such as a birthday (or any) party.

Mr Špehar explains: "He was born in 1961 in Wolfsburg, Germany. The first 10 years of his life remain a mystery. Eventually he was bought by Albin Oblak, a mechanic and caterer from Rižana, who used him to transport vegetables into Ljubljana. In the 80's he was given to a local farmer, who used him as a tool shed in the middle of the field. Sometime around then was also when he got those bullet holes from firearms. In the 90's, the river Rižana flooded the small village and carried the van away, into its bed. Once he was stuck there, he was carried deeper and deeper into the river bed with every rain that came. And so, he waited for 30 years, to get rescued. Until last summer."

Now, the van is getting a complete make-over – with new parts, a new engine, electric installations, paint job and, of course, catering equipment for parties on the go. But the crew that's doing all the renovation works is in dire need of fans' help. The total cost of reviving rusty is €59,000, and while half of the money required will be donated by sponsors and one quarter will be secured by the mastermind Mr Špehar himself, the crowdfunding goal is set at €15,000. To donate, please visit ADRIfund where the crowdfunding campaign is described in detail – with a little over 40 days left.

Follow progress on the Beer Bulli by visiting the campaign's website, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We know you really want to help, a lot, and a lot of help will earn you a lot of beer - so, don't overdo it and drink responsibly. 

Feb. 17, 2017 Driving photo: Beer Bulli

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