In January, Paris was equipped with a €10.4 million worth network of fast-charging stations called Belib.

There already were thousands of slower AC charging stations run by the Autolib car sharing service, but from now on owners of electric and plug-in hybrid cars will also be able to enjoy the perks of dozens of convenient fast-charging points.

The Belib network consists of 60 stations with two multi-standard semi-fast (up to 22 kW) chargers on both sides – 2x CHAdeMO, 2x CCS Combo and 2x Type 2 + Type 3, as well as slow 3 kW outlet in the middle for smaller consumers, such asTwizy or scooters.

According to the CHAdeMO Association Europe, the pricing scheme encourages shorter charging sessions and quicker turnover at stations. After you pay a sign-up fee of 15 EUR, you can charge your electric vehicle for 1€ for the first hour, 2€ for the additional 15 min and after that 4€ for each 15 min slot that follows. In short, keep it quick to avoid high costs.

In order to make sure that only vehicles that are charging are parked at the Belib' charging spots and that no vehicle blocks these slots without taking electricity, Belib equipped each charger with a radar that detects the presence of vehicle in front of it and sends information to the police, if no charge takes place. The non-charging 'intruder' can then be given a ticket for illegal parking. 

Belib believes that their project "proves that fast and semi-fast chargers are not only meant for highways but are also perfectly adapted to urban environments."

Feb. 23, 2016 Driving photo: Belib

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