However, the company will continue with development of electric and hybrid cars, further plans to be revealed within the next few months.


Bentley was for the last few years almost a trendsetter among the most prestigious car brands. Off course, what we are talking about here is presentation of their first SUV and later their first electric/hybird driven car. Firstly, in the spring of 2016 Bentayga, their first SUV was presented and two years later, on this year's Geneva car show, hybrid version of the same model took the main stage at company's stand was also revealed.

On recent interview for British car magazine Autocar though, Adrian Hallmark, Bentley's CEO, who came to this position after leaving another British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, mentioned that the company has not been prepared yet for such step, saying they could do it much better.

"We maybe weren't as prepared for autonomous, connected and electrified strategies as we could have been. The (Bentayga) hybrid is a great first step but we need to do more than one hybrid. Hence the first thing we've changed [since I started] is the electrification of the cycle plan as fast as we can," said Hallmark. He then added that he was consequently surprised by the response of the public, both journalists and visitors.

Bentayga plug-in hybrid – for which Hallmark believes will represent 10 per cent of all Bentaygas sold after launch – was theirfirst, but not their last electric/hybrid car. Instead, company is preparing to introduce either hybrid or electric version of every single model, which should happen by the year 2025. Further plans on this topic has yet to be revealed, this should happen in the next three to six months.

May 3, 2018 Driving photo: Bentley

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