The Beverly Hills City Council decided to invest in a fleet of self-driving vehicles to provide an on-demand public transportation network in the area.

Beverly Hills is well suited for the project like this because it only covers 14,8 square kilometres and of course has enough funding available. The first phase of the project will be to install a network of fiber optic cables to provide a high-speed internet access. It will allow vehicles to communicate between themselves as well as with the city's electronic grid. Such communication network is absolutely vital for the system to work, since deployment of autonomous vehicles in the dense urban environment will require a system capable of handling all the data that vehices and the system will have to transmit and analyze to operate efficiently as an on-demand service.

No timetable for the project has been introduced yet. It is also not yet clear, which - if any - of the big players from the autonomous cars arena will take part in the project. 

April 18, 2016 Driving photo: Nissan

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