Development is conditioned by production numbers of single motor version of the car, which should rise massively through the second quarter of 2018.

After initial delays – which have not really been sorted out in full – information arrived in public, that Tesla is considering offering another quite tempting addition to its most affordable car, Model 3. Instead of only one permanent magnetic electric motor, car will also be available with two such motors. Double the motor, double the power, double the fun. The only thing it was, nobody knew, when the car is going to be available to order. Until now.

While Tesla's official web page is quiet about this topic and is only mentioning the arrival of four-wheel drive version of the car sometime this year, Elon Musk again revealed the information in his usual manner – via Twitter. On question, when dual-motor version of the car is going to be introduced, he answered, that "We need to achieve (production of) 5.000 cars of Model 3 per week, before adding complexity that would inhibit production ramp." He later added that this should occur sometime in July.

This deadline is also on pair with production/sales release for the first quarter of this year, where Tesla revealed it has made a massive improvement on production of mentioned car. They should result in rapid climb of production through the second quarter of this year, which may reach 5.000 units per week.

April 8, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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