In Frankfurt BMW will show a reneved BMW i3 electric car, which will also get a new more sporty version i3s.

External enhancements are just few, concentrating on the new bumper and lights at the front and black A-pilars. Considering that i3, which was introduced three years ago, still counts among bestsellers in the premuium elctric car market, we could not expect much more.

Also the basic powertrain layout remains unchanged, which means 125 kilowatt electric motor and batteries with the capacity of 33 kWh, which store enough power for up to 300 km accroding to NEDC. BMW refreshed the charging system, which allows charging up to the 70 percent capacity in three hours. Also the range extender in the shape of 0,7 litre two cilinder engine remains in the offer.

BMW also improved BMW i ConnectedDrive system, which enables the driver to easily find charging stations in the neighbourhood and calculates reach with the energy remained in the batteries.

The biggest news is, that BMW i3 got a bit sportier i3s version with 10 kilowatts more power and possibilitiy to reach 160 km/h top speed instead of 150 km/h in the standard version. Also the acceleration to 100 km/h is improved to 6,9 seconds and stiffer suspension and wider tracks allow for more sporty ride.

Aug. 30, 2017 Driving photo: BMW

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