BMW i upgraded its smallest model BMW i3 with more powerful battery which allows him to drive up to 200 under everyday conditions.


BMW i3 (94 Ah) will have signiffically increased range thanks to the new more powerful battery with the capacity of 33 kilowatt hours. The new battery keeps the same dimensions as the older one with the 22 kilowatt hours capacity, which was achieved as a result of higher storage density of lithium ion cells.

With more capacity the new battery allows to 50 percent more range in standard NEDC cycle which equals 300 kilometers instead of 190 kilometers. Also in dailly use with adverse weather conditions and air condition and other equipment turned on full charge of the battery should be enough for 200 kilometers of drive. The driving properties of the car remain the same as before since almost nothing else changed.

BMW i3 (90 Ah) will be available from summer this year, and will be offered side by side with the current BMW (60 Ah), which will be available as alternative for those who can live without aditional reach. Both versions will also be available with a range extender in the shape of 2-cylinder petrol engine which will offer 150 kilometers of aditional range.

Together with new BMW i3 the company will offer more powerfull charging stations for home garages as well as new equipment options for the car. Modular design of BMW i3 allows possibility to install new type batteries in older cars, which BMW will make available to its clients via special retrofit programme.

May 2, 2016 Driving photo: BMW

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