Special edition to mark the end.

BMW i8 is without any doubt quite an interesting car. It is in fact one of the first hybrid-powered sports car in the world, and made a debut (although in prototype version) in one of the most popular movie franchises of all times, Mission Impossible. However, being such a special car with a price well over 100.000 euros, i8 was never really intended to be a high-volume production car.

And there is a reason we are writing in past tense. well, almost. BMW has decided to stop its production with no new car to follow it. At least not for now. BMW did give us some hope with Vision M Next concept, presented in summer, but no such car has yet been confirmed. On the other hand, i8 has been decided to go in retirement in April next year. With 20.000 examples being made. Not a bad number to be fair.

And it will go out in appropriate way - with a special edition version called Ultimate Sophisto Edition. Only 200 cars will be made, both in hard- and soft top version and equipped with quite a few interesting features. This means that all of the cars will be painted in Sophisto Grey exterior paint with E-Copper accents. They will also be equipped with special leather upholstery, 20-inch wheels and, understandably, a Ultimate Sophisto Edition 1 of 200 interior badge. Just to name a few features.

Meanwhile, destiny for i3, i8's fully electric brother has been cleared out. Even though BMW has decided not to make a successor (at least for a while), aging car will remain in production at least for a few more years, that is at least until 2024. IN the mean time another face-lift is to happen, which will bring further increase in battery capacity.

Dec. 15, 2019 Driving photo: BMW

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