BMW made a first successful drive of its Gen2 Formula E car at the BMW and Mini Driving Academy site at Maisach near München with factory driver Tom Blomqvist behind the steering wheel.

BMW iFE.18 is powered with completely new powertrain, which was created specifically for the challenges of racing and was developed in collaboration between BMWi and BMW Motorsport engineers.

BMW also gave an interesting comparison to production BMW i3 electric car. Comparing to personal car Formula E racer is 50 percent lighter and 66 percent more compact and also produces 100 percent more performance. And it also reaches engine revs 400-times higher than BMW i3.

But don't forget, that we will be able to see a first public drive of Gen 2 Formula E car next month in Berlin with Nico Rosberg behind the steering wheel.

April 12, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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