BMW remains the official vehicle partner for the 2015/2016 FIA Formula E Championship, which starts on 17 October with the opening round in Beijing.

In the upcoming race series for electrically-powered formula machines, BMW i8 sports car will dub once again as the Safety Car, while the all-electric, emission-free BMW i3 will reprise the role of Medical Car. BMW is also adding a plug-in hybrid BMW X5 xDrive 40e to the batch, as well as a pair of BMW C evolution electric scooters.

In its second run, Formula E is becoming an "open" championship. According to BMW's press release, eight of the ten teams will line up for the new season with their own technology, while in the inaugural edition of the series all the cars were technically identical. The technical changes will be concentrated on the electric motor, the inverter, the transmission and the cooling system (among other elements of the drivetrain). We expect to see the cars differing in terms of speeds, soundtrack and, above all, efficiency levels over the race distance. The already exciting series will thus become even more intriguing.

Aug. 28, 2015 Driving photo: BMW

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