At the CES in Las Vegas, BMW used a four-wheeled sculpture, the BMW i Inside Future concept, to present technological advances that will, according to German automaker, shape the future of mobility.


With the concept, BMW focused primarily on opportunities and challenges of the connected autnomous driving. What is it that we will be able to do inside future cars and what kind of experiences await us while traveling with them? The architecture and user interface have been fully adapted to autonomous driving, merging it all seamlessly with the user's digital life.

In doing so, one of the most important roles was given to the BMW Connected digital platform together with the Open Mobility Cloud. These allow mobility planning to be seamlessly integrated into users' digital lifestyles, supporting them both while on the road as well as in other areas of their daily lives, including the use of electronic smart devices outside the vehicle.

Using displays and gestures within the Augmented Gesture Control, passengers can get instant information about places and buildings just by pointing at them, while passing them. Being connected on another level also means users can enjoy the benfits of a visionary concept of an in-car voice-controlled personal digital assistant, the in-car application of Microsoft's Cortana. Intelligent voice control allows – among other things – to order various products online via Amazon Prime Now app (integrated into all the user's devices, both in and outside the vehicle, via the Open Mobility Cloud), while on the go. The goods can then be delivered via En-Route Delivery service.

Collaborating with Amazon Prime also resulted in developing the BMW Passenger Mode – when selected, the vehicle can adapt to the passengers' needs in different situations, such as dimming interior lighting, when rear-seat passengers start playing a video.

With the help of multiple digital touchpoints Connected Window, all important information is integrated and ready to be used for personal daily planning.

Jan. 11, 2017 Driving photo: BMW

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