First fully electric Mini, which will be based on three-door hatch, will go into production at BMW's UK plant in Cowley near Oxford in 2019.

The first fully electric Mini will be based on the 3-door hatch, which is Mini's core model, and will go in production in Cowley in 2019. Its electric drivetrain will not be assembled in England, but will instead come from BMW's e-mobility centers in Dingolfing and Landshutt. It will just be integrated into the car on the assembly line in Cowley, the main production line for 3-door Mini.

Electrification is one of the BMW Group's corporate priorities, according to their NUMBER ONE / NEXT strategy. BMW intends to produce electrified models in every segment they are present on. BMW plans to introduce additional electric models in 2020 and later (although rumors that 3 series will get electric variant at this years' Frankfurt motorshow in September are still strong).

By 2025 BMW Group expects for electrified vehicles to amount 15-25 percent of their sales, however it also depends of the incentives, regulation, charging infrastructure and other factors which contribute to introduction of new electric vehicles in Europe and other parts of the World.

July 26, 2017 Driving photo: BMW

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