Car is going to provide a level 4 autonomous drive and should be available on the market from 2021.

China's startup company Byton continues to pursuit the goal of becoming a major player in the field of electric cars. After following trends in car industry with presenting a crossover M-Byte as their first car just a few months ago, they have now gone in more traditional direction and on recent CES Asia presented their second concept, a four door saloon, Byton K-Byte.

Cars have quite a lot in common though, as even though K-Byte is a saloon, they still share the same underpinnings. Apparat from that, not much have been revealed about the batteries and powertrain. If they were also borrowed from M-Byte, that means that the car is going to be available with a choice of two battery packs with capacity of 71 and 95 kWh. Latter should provide a maximum reach of approximately 500 kilometers.

Looking at the car from the outside, one can easily see a pair of sensors on both sides of the car. Those are one of the key points of the car, as it is going to provide level 4 autonomous driving. System is according to Byton already functional, however not yet registered for usage in most of the countries, including USA.

Presenting two models in just a couple of months, one might ask, what are Byton's ambitions. The company says they are about to launch M-Byte next year; K-Byte should follow in 2021. In the mean time they are also planning to present their third vehicle, which is going to take the form of a minivan. With those three cars they are planning to take on Tesla and become (one of) the most influential electric cars manufacturers in the world.

June 17, 2018 Driving photo: Byton

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