The team at Velobenaco that's behind Cabriovelo wanted to create a pedal bicycle-car that would be affordable and suitable for everyone, for all the purposes and for every type of weather.

The Cabriovelo is a convertible pedal-vehicle with a foldable roof. It's a type of a velomobile, a human-powered vehicle (HPV), built in a way to offer aerodynamic advantage in form of a shell, protecting the passenger from moody weather like the rain and the wind. 

When using your feet is the way to move from one place to another, one can truly talk about healthy and green mean of transport. Pedalling a velomobile keeps you fit, saves you money and does a lot of good to your environment as Cabriovelo is a zero-emission vehicle. Moreover, this type of a vehicle is inexpensive and easy to maintain. The team at Velobenaco says it would be even more affordable if there was enough interest for mass-production.

Cabriovelo is 2,8 meters long and 1,3 meters wide. It only measures 0,75 meters in height and weighs 45 kilograms. It is easy to access, and has a large trunk (with a volume of 200 liters). There is a 250-watt hub motor in the front wheel, powered by a 36V 11-Ah lithium battery pack, so you can either use your feet only or get some help from the electric assistance. Cabriovelo gives the impression that the passenger is able to sit in a pretty comfortable riding position in a sliding seat. It comes complete with the lighting system so you can easily use it at night as well. 

If you wish to take a child on a ride with you, there is also a removable child seat available in the rear side.

You may wonder, if the Cabriovelo requires any homologation. It doesn't. Cabriovelo is said to be in compliance with the velocipedes regulations concerning dimensions and electric motor-assistance. 

Click here to see the campaign on Indiegogo and if you'd like to own your very own velomobile, that's also the place to pre-order one. You can also follow the Cabriovelo team on Facebook.

Aug. 31, 2016 Driving photo: Cabriovelo

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