The car industry is becoming increasingly linked to the companies that primarly provide electronics like PCs, TVs etc. Good proof for that are Apple, which is developing its electric car for a while now and Google being, strongly clamped in the development of autonomous vehicles through the project Waymo, and so on. And now the Japanese car giant Sony, who, today at the CES entertainment center in Las Vegas, revealed its first electric car.

Vision-S is the name of the concept that Sony developed, and it is a surprisingly classic  five-piece limousine. They have made it on a newly developed platform, provided by the Austrian Magna-Steyer, a company which is also responsible for the construction of Jaguar i-Pace. However, the drive is not even at the forefront of the concept, where much greater attention has been paid to assistant technologies and systems that will provide entertainment for passengers in the cabin itself.

For the time being, it remains with the concept.

The dashboard is fully made up of LCD screens, but otherwise the main focus is on audio experience. Sony has placed a so-called 360 Reality Audio system in the cockpit to give the listener the feeling of sitting on the stage, surrounded by an entire band of music they listen to. On the other hand, 33 different sensors are concerned with safety, which will allow for second-degree autonomy, and the aim is to achieve Level Four autonomy.

Whether Vision-S will see serial production or not is not clear yet and former seems unlikely. It is much more likely that the technologies presented will find a place in the cars of one of the trademarks Sony is working with.

Jan. 8, 2020 Driving photo: Sony

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