Back in the 1960s, when most of today's readers weren't even born yet, this iconic wonder of a motor scooter was created and produced in the Czech Republic. Now, the Cezeta Motors company is back and to mark this occasion, they have hand-built an appealing electric variant of the once highly popular scooter.


The legend is back!

The new Cezeta Type 506 design retained the style and charm of the vintage Types 501 and 502, while making an essential change under the shiny exterior – the petrol engine has been replaced with the silent and efficient high-tech 5000W electric motor in order to make a step forward to a zero-emissions future, using only clean energy.

The electric motor is powered by a custom-made Lithium-ion pack (5kWh). On a single full charge, which reportedly takes 4.5 hours, Cezeta 506 is ready to take you on an approximately 100-kilometer-long ride with a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

It comes with several fun and very convenient features, such as an emissions-free solar charger and a PAV trailer, remote alarm, smartphone holder (and power!), underbody LED safety lightning, GPS security and more. Their app allows you to conveniently re-program the speed and acceleration, check out the nearest charging stations or listen to your favourite music via built-in bluetooth speakers.

Another cute perk: on Cezeta, you can elegantly sit sideways as the second passenger!

The new fully automatic electric scooter can be ridden all accross Europe, without having to obtain any special license – enthusiasts will only need to find about €10,000 to own it.

Nov. 11, 2015 Driving photo: Cezeta Motors

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