At the CES, currently underway in Las Vegas, Chevrolet revealed the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt that should be seen on the roads as a 2017 model year vehicle.  


According to Chevrolet, the Bolt EV was created on the basis of suggestions and ideas of Volt owners and represents an electric vehicle that is affordable and offers a long range. Bolt will be able to offer more than 200 miles/320 kilometers of range on a single full charge. The compact battery pack is one of the reasons why Bolt's cabin is comfortable enough to sit five passengers and offer 478 liters of luggage space.

Chevrolet emphasized that developing Bolt was highly influenced by Volt owners, so they equipped it with many technologies that will make sure using the electric car is as easy and pleasant as possible. It also features advanced connectivity technologies designed to enhance and personalize the driving experience, providing, for example, an accurate driving range projection based on the time of day, typography, weather and the owner's driving habits. Bluetooth low-energy help minimize draw and seamlessly connect a smart phone to the car already while the owner approaches the vehicle, while the driver-focused technologies, supported by OnStar 4G LTE, turn the car into a proper Wi-Fi hotspot and give owners easy access to apps and online services using high-speed wireless connection.

To name a couple of more interesting technologies, available in Bolt: a 10.2'' MyLink color touch-screen display, Rear-facing camera mirror, Surround Vision that offers a bird's-eye view of the car's immediate surroundings for improved safety during parking and low-speed driving, and EV-specific navigation mapping that helps maximize range and provides locations of nearby charging stations. Gamification of the vehicle promises that Bolt EV owners will sometime in the future even be able to "compete" in who is the most efficient driver of them all.

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV goes into production in late 2016.

Jan. 7, 2016 Driving photo: GM

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