They have been joined in a concept SUV mmarking the anniversary.

Goodyear has recently presented a number of tyre-related innovations on the automotive market. In addition to the new generations of already existing tires, they have recently presented the first generation, intended for an electric car, but now this innovation has somehow been upgraded with the new tyre, which is designed for electric and at the same time an autonomous car. In doing so, they connected with a French car manufacturer, which is of great importance to this type of innovation, Citroen.

The French brand this year celebrates its 100 years of operation and therefore represents another in a series of concepts, model 19_19. It is an attractive-shaped sports SUV with coupe lines, where the most outstanding thing are  its tyres. They are measuring one meter or more than 39 inches in diameter. But that is not all.

A high and narrow tyre and a special design should, therefore, allow for comfortable driving, while improving wet grip. In addition, the tyre will be equipped with a number of sensors. They will thus ensure the detection of the road surface (potential moisture and road texture) and will then communicate with or pass on the information collected to the autonomous driving system. Then there will be a tyre-wear monitoring system and a technology that will actively reduce wear.

Citroen on the other hand with the new concept builds on or continues the story of the concept of Ami One which we had first met at the salon in Geneva and thus represents the second concept, announced as part of the celebrations. It is intended, as they say, to meet the needs of those who 'want more'. The interior of the vehicle, although they are hiding it so far, will be shaped like a living room, and it should be equipped with the selected materials. In addition, Citroen promises a single-charge range of up to 800 kilometres. More will be known about the vehicle tomorrow when the vehicle is presented at the VivaTech exhibition in Paris.

May 15, 2019 Driving photo: Goodyear

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