It is going to be a city car, adapted to either being used fir car sharing, rent-a-car or traditional ownership.

And we have. The mysterious Citroen concept, we have written about last week has now been revealed. ‘Inspired by you’ is its moto and it has been made to meet every day needs of people, living in modern cities. And people are really standing by those plans, since the car is meant to be driven without driving license and could be (in the future once/if it hits the market) used either via car-sharing scheme, as a rental or could even be bought as a personal car.

From technological point of view Citroen Ami Concept’s feature – car is named after a legendary Citroen model from the seventies – is so called Ecosystem, which will enable all of the functions, needed for rental and car-sharing programs, written above. User will also be able to connect with it via mobile phone app. This system should be, regardless of Ami’s future, available within next five to ten years.

As mentioned above, one will be allowed to drive the car without a driving license. That is mainly because its low top speed of 28 kilometers per hour, but then again its living space are going to by city centers. Consequently, its reach is going to be 100 kilometrs, while the car is going to be able to charge on a wallbox or via household power supply.

Another proof, that this car is going to – if it hits the road – fell in cities like a fish in the sea are its dimensions. With 2,5 meters in length and 1,5 meters high it is only the size of a Smart for two, meaning it can be parked in any small parking space. And while this (next to its dimensions) may cause the car to be unnoticeable, Citroen has also been thinking about that so they equipped the car with an intelligent audio system. Will it mimic the sound of petrol engine? No. Instead, it will be playing different male and female sounds that are going differ with the car speed. So, quite a lot of innovative technologies, that we hope are going to hit production.

Feb. 19, 2019 Driving photo: Citroen

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