Volvo charging in one of Clever's many charging stations.

The electric mobility operator Clever and Volvo present their new collaboration. Clever will be charging Volvo's electric and plug-in hybrid cars, both at customers' homes and on their's fast charging network with more than 1,000 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and northern Germany.

Volvo is known for the very high safety level in their cars. This also applies to their new plug-in hybrid cars V90, S90 and XC90 – and will naturally also apply to the charging of Volvo's cars, which is why Volvo has chosen Clever as preferred charging partner of their cars. 

"We believe that electric cars has a big role to play in the transport of the future. And it has to be easy and safe to drive electric, and we want our customers to have the best experience when driving electric in the plug-in hybrid cars. We have chosen our partner as they have the most expertise in charging cars and because they, just like Volvo, are focused on safety. It's important to us that their's solutions fulfil all of the current safety requirements. With Clever Unlimited our customers will have a charging station installed at home and will have unlimited power on charging network in Denmark and Sweden," says Market Manager Thomas W. Hansen, Volvo Card Denmark A/S.

Clever's charging network consists of more than 1,000 charging points in Denmark, Sweden and northern Germany and unlimited allows free consumption of power on the charging network.

Customers that have a Clever charging box installed can rest assured that they comply with all of the current safety rules for electrical installations, and that the charging station also meets all of the requirements set by the Danish tax authorities and the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

Feb. 1, 2017 Driving photo: Volvo

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