Adventure rafting on the Colorado River in Arizona is about to get a green makeover. Coming this spring!


Colorado River Discovery (near Glen Canyon Dam) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service by introducing a new, completely electric raft.  It has been named Helios, in homage to the God of the Sun in Greek Mythology.

"Helios is the culmination of nearly a decade of research and development. It will be the first of its kind on the Colorado River, producing zero emissions, exponentially reducing waste products that could pollute the environment or disrupt the climate," says Korey Seyler of Colorado River Discovery. "It will also greatly reduce noise pollution on the Colorado River."

The power will be drawn from the generating station inside the Glen Canyon Dam power plant, which provides a renewable clean power source through hydroelectric power. Over the past 10 years a $1.50 per guest was committed to the alternative energy boat project. "It will also greatly reduce noise pollution on the Colorado River."

In addition to Helios, Colorado River Discovery incorporates environmentally responsible practices at every level of its business. Over the past decade, in fact, Colorado River Discovery has reduced its fuel consumption by 20% through proper training of equipment operation; exceptional upkeep and maintenance of motors; and development of new technologies to reduce noise and consumption of fossil fuels. The family owned business also employs a "Smart Green Systems" program company wide, which is focused on education, creative recycling and re-use programs on-site and other small steps that combine to make a big difference to the future of the Colorado River.

Customers can start riding the raft this spring after its official launch on Earth Day, Apr. 22.

Jan. 17, 2016 Driving photo: Colorado River Discovery

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