European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc and her team prepared a video with the Commissioner sharing her vision of affordable, reliable and available transport infrastructure in the whole of European Union.

According to the Commissioner, an average person in the European Union covers a distance of around 12,000 kilometers per year, while an average European family spends up to 13 percent of their yearly income on transport. It is the same amount that this family spends on food. Transport alone is said to account for 32 percent of all energy used in Europe. At the same time, Europe generates 24 percent of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The Commissioner strives to improve European citizens lives by offering them affordable, reliable and available means of transport, making it accessible with one single travelling ticket, valid in all European countries.

The European Union dedicated 26 billion EUR of investments to building an alterantive, eco-friendly and internationalized transport network, making alternative fuels, electric-powered vehicles and digitalization of all processes their primary goal.

June 21, 2015 Driving

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