Performances are just plain ridiculus

A few days ago, we reported on our website about rumors that General Motors is about to revibe the Hummer brand. For the first time, these rumors started six months ago, but somehow it seemed like this time it was for real. And it felt right. General Motors posted the first official photo of the new car last night. And yes, it will be powered by electricity.

The new generation Hummer is supposed to take the road next year, and the official presentation is actually going to take place this year; it is scheduled for 20. May while the exact location is not yet known. The production will otherwise take place at the Hammtramck plant in Detroit. Although the official advertising campaign will start a little earlier, as the 30-second newcomer ad will be broadcasted during the half-time of the largest sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl.

Besides, some technical information have been revealed by General Motors and GMC which will take care of Hummer. An unknown number of electric motors will bring a total of 735 kilowatts of electrical power, and a record-breaking 13.558 njutonmetrov ft. Acceleration will also be impressive as it will speed up to 100 kilometres an hour in 3.6 seconds - more or less in pure silence.

Feb. 1, 2020 Driving photo: General Motors

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