After initial tests in Croatia, Spanish car has now been properly tested on the Castelloli racetrack near Barcelona.

Cupra, new (sub)brand, developed from Seat’s former sportier division is continuing the development and testing processes of their first (electric) race car, that has previously already been tested on a racetrack near Zagreb Croatia. This is, as mentioned before, a part of the plan to prepare the racecar for a new championship for electric touring cars, the eTCR that starts in the year 2020.

To test the car, which is an electric equivalent to petrol driven cars of TCR championship, who better to pick for a test drive, than Jordi Gene, former WTCC racer, who is a part of the development team from the very beginning. After putting the car through the paces, he described the experience as “a string of pleasant surprises.”

And while at first tests in Croatia Cupra only tested the batteries in Barcelona things were much more exciting, as the team was performing so called dynamic tests the purpose of which were to verify the maximum output of the engines power management – including temperature of components – and drivability of the car while pushing it to its limits.

“With the CUPRA e-Racer we want to prove that the future of competition in electric, and that an eTCR is just as competitive or even more so than petrol-powered race touring cars. We trust that the results of the tests we are performing on the track will help encourage other brands and hope to see the eTCR category become a reality in 2020,” said CUPRA Racing Director Jaime Puig after the tests were finished.

July 28, 2018 Driving photo: Newspress

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